Persnickety little popcorn paws

Wouldn’t tread on wood or tile

But if left a trail of carpets

You would happily trek a mile.


Your toys were never meant to talk

The task had to be completed

You ripped and shredded, de-fluffed, de-stuffed

Till the squeaker was defeated.


In your mind, sharing was overrated

Treats were made to stockpile

You’d steal from unwary siblings

With a triumphant terrier smile.


Change was not your specialty

You were suspicious of a stranger

But with those you knew you’d snuggle and spoon

Tummy rubs trumped all danger.


Six short years was premature

For such a perfect soul to perish

But as long as I live, my little love pumpkin

Your memory I’ll cherish.

9" x 12" Larry Poem Plaque

    © 2018 Lake Country Creations

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