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The Plaque
The Photo
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12" x 12" Custom Photo Wall Plaque

Welcome to The Plaque Place

  • Here at the Plaque Place we create decorative, inspirational and custom photo wall plaques.

  • You can order one of our inspirational plaques here or a decorative wall plaque here.

  • Our plaques are made using MDF or canvas panels. (What is MDF)

  • They are available in various sizes which can be seen on our price list.

  • All of our plaques include the hardware for hanging them on the wall.

  • The 6" square blocks can also be stood on any flat surface.

  • You can order a custom photo plaque by visiting The Photo Factory here.

Photo Factory
Order Shoppe
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Clock Maker Studio

The Plaque Place

The Plaque Place

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Canvas Creations Shoppe

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Coaster Corner Shoppe

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Poetic Expressions Shoppe

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The Photo Factory

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